Website Design KnoxvilleA message from our founder, Mike Biddle:
You are making one of the most important decisions you will ever make for your business. The company, or the individual who oversees your site will likely make or break your business! Since the 1990's when I began creating sites I have noticed a number of things. Business owners occasionally try to get a cheap site or have a family member or friend create it. That is crazy! People use the internet to find goods and services, yet you are not making it a number one priority? You need to decide whether you believe that consumers use the internet to find goods and services. I also said the individual who creates your site is important. I worked with a multi-million dollar automotive parts manufacturer in Morristown, TN who hired an out of state web development company to oversee the web. They wasted 50,000.00 and ended up having an intern working for them! Unfortunately every company is only as good as the weakest link. Just because you heard a radio ad doesn't mean they are good. You should know who is actually working on your site, the veteran or the newbie straight out of college who's mainly concerned with hump day and the weekend! I am personally involved in every project and I will not be leaving the helm to an intern while I golf at Hilton Head! One last note, knoxville website design is our home market, however we can help promote any business, in any city in the world! We use the same proven techniques, they will work anywhere.

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